“There’s hardly any info that is worth stealing”. This is the typical mindset of a whole lot who run a Small and a Medium Scale Business,  but the hackers think otherwise.

About 71% of attacks are targeted towards Small Scale Business which employs less than a 100. 

Small scale businesses are prone to targets as a considerable number of them have less secure networks and updated security patches.

Several security magazines have predicted a rise in the number of Ransomware in 2020. Below are some points which could help you understand Ransomware better and give you a heads up to equip yourself against one. 

Ransomware can be categorized into three:

  1. Scareware 
  2. Browser or Screen Locking Ransomware
  3. Encrypting Ransomware

You are Vulnerable if you : – 

  1. You use a legacy application
  2. A Pirated Software
  3. Unpatched Browser or an Operating System
  4. Don’t have a system backup routine
  5. Lack of Cyber Security Policies and protocols. 

Some methods to prevent your Small Scale and Medium Scale business from ransomware attacks. 

  1. Update the system when there is a notification to do so 
  2. Educate Employees about the ransomware and how to respond to an attack.
  3. Backup all the files. Implement a regular Routine, Protect the backups in cloud Server with Strong Encryption with Multi-Factor Authentication (Password + OTP).
  4. Invest and Install Layered Security. 
  5. Scan backups, before moving to the backup system.

Should I pay the ransom if I get Infected? 

Law enforcement agencies don’t encourage you to pay the ransom, there is no guarantee that paying the ransom will give you access to your files and system. 

In case of an attack, get in touch with your cybersecurity and technology partner to try and recover as much data as possible and to isolate devices to prevent further damage. 

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